Robert Mayo Canady: In His Own Words

The Early Years

It was in it was in the morning of March 9, 1930 that my birth occurred for my parents, Silas Bayne Canady and Zubie Lee Miller who lived at that time in the home of Isham Theodore Miller and Sally Robertson Miller near the city of Screven, Georgia.  In fact, I was born in the front room of the Miller home located on the Miller family farm of Isham and Sally which is located about 2 miles from the village of Screven, Georgia.

Sometime following my birth on the Miller farm my parents decided to move back to Emanuel County, Georgia where they lived with my grandmother Minnie Selma Canady and my father’s siblings who still lived at home. They were living there when my sister Noma Maxine Canady was born in 1931, some 18 months after my birth. They also continued to live there with my Grandmother Canady until my sister Hilda Winona Canady was born in 1933.

At some time during their stay in Emanuel County my parents moved to a different location, a farm home that was up the road from my Grandmother’s home where they lived for some unknown period of time. I recently learned of their stay in this farm home from information on a tape recording that was made in November, 1987 by my uncle Ray Canady, my father’s younger brother. The tape was made and gifted to me by my first cousins Minnie McBride and Joan Davis documenting an interview with their father Ray Canady.

After my sister, Hilda, was born my parents again moved back to the Miller farm in Screven, Georgia where they lived for a short period of time with my mother’s parents, and before they moved to their own home in a rental house near the Miller farm. My parents lived at the rental farm for a short period of time in the early 1930’s (1934-35 time period), and until they were able to purchase their own farm which was located across a branch of the road from where they had rented the farm.  This new farm also adjoined my Grandfather Miller’s farm.

Much later in life, I learned my parents bought the farm through the assistance and financing by my grandfather, Isham Miller.  My grandfather held the mortgage note on the farm and Mom and Dad were repaying him for the farm.  In other words he had financed the purchase of the farm for my parents. Our house was located about three quarters of a mile from my grandfather Miller’s farm.   This made it close by and easy to visit which set the pattern of our relationship with my grandparents for years to come.

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